Could i have a pp please xx Has anyone had a over friendly doctor at all ? Iv b…


Could i have a pp please xx
Has anyone had a over friendly doctor at all ? Iv been seeing a new doctor at my surgery for some time now but not all the time. Iv seen him about 4 times in 3-4 months. Last time being last week ) and he always goes out his way to help as much as he can which is fine. Hes a good doctor which is great. But everytime i’m in the waiting room(seeing a different doctor) he comes out to go to the toilet or to reception but as he goes past he always goes to me and says hello(says my name) and there is several other people there he could greet lol. but how does he even remember my name if he sees 100s of people a week ? And he calls many people in by the tv screen as i see myself when im there seeing other doctors or even when iv gone to see him but he comes out his room to get me personally every time. And now hes started talking to me about my private life when i were there last week eg my son and stuff like genuine intrest
And my mam went to the doctors today and she saw him. They were talking about who she lived with and somehow i ended up in the converstion because i live with my mam and he said to my mam. Oh send her my love and i will be in contact with her shortly 😅🤣🤣 like seriously whats going on. Iv never had such a over friendly doctor before and dont even know how to take it… 🤣🤣 its getting a bit akward. Thanks xx



  1. Better nice and caring than a total grump like some of them can be . He may just be old school . Doctors used to make time for their patients . Now it’s hello what’s wrong goodbye

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