Could I have a PPP. I have a few friends on the page so would like to remain ano…

Could I have a PPP. I have a few friends on the page so would like to remain anonymous.
Needing some advice regarding my 6 year old daughter. A very bright girl who observes and takes everything in! I have just not long managed to split with the father(loads of domestic violence both physical and emotional)! He was never around or involved with the children really at all.. but my daughter seems to be taking this extremely hard that her parents don’t talk anymore(being civil isn’t an option as always ends up in an argument). She has made a comment about false promises made by him on days he promised to see them and didn’t etc but has came away with the fact she is extremely sad and wants to kill herself as she can’t deal with the feeling of wanting him so much(also said things like life isn’t fair because she has an early bed time and doesn’t like getting into trouble) Obviously this has absolutely broken me and I have made an appointment with a doctor to hopefully be directed to the appropriate person for her to be able to talk about her feelings and for them to direct me with how to deal with this but I am just looking for someone who has been in this situation or anything similar that can give me advice on how to help her? The father picks and chooses when he has kids and speaking to him is a pointless task so I’m on my own trying to sort this for her but how? Surely at this age these sort of thoughts shouldn’t be entering her head? Any advice would be appreciated.


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