Could I have a private post please? I’m married with 3 children and work a shif…


Could I have a private post please?
I’m married with 3 children and work a shift pattern which requires me to do nightshifts. I also suffer with depression, therefore after I finish my nights I’m tired, teary and just miserable. My husband isn’t working at moment and hasn’t for 6months (but starts new job on Monday) when I come home from work in morning, the night befores dishes are lying, the kids dirty clothes are lying from night before and his dirty stuff. If I’m on for 2/3 nights in a row I come home, most times, to a complete shit tip. We argue about it and it never changes. It makes my anxiety and depression worse and spent all day yesterday in tears as I had just finished nights and had to spend day cleaning. I’ve tried to be diplomatic & I’ve tried to be harsh but none of these approaches work. I know to some people it may seem trivial but I feel as if I’ve not got a life as I spend my days off tidying and cleaning after everyone else and it really gets me down 😞



  1. Don’t do it. Just leave it, your in a marriage. He should help out the exact same if not more considering your working and he isn’t!! If he wants to eat off cleans plate he’ll soon find the sink to wash up. Wants clean clothes, soon find the washing machine. X

  2. If you talk about it and he still doesn’t use his initiative to help, then I would offer him an ultimatum!! If he can sit on his arse when you’ve worked a night shift and then happily let you do everything, then I’m sorry he’s no man!!

    I was under the impression if you lived with someone the jobs are shared! He will complain when he wants his clothes washed, and his dishes cleaned!!

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