Could i have a private post please, Me and my 4 year old daughter were on the …


Could i have a private post please,

Me and my 4 year old daughter were on the train with a young disabled man and a lady wearing a burqa, both inspired lots of questions being asked loudly infront of them. “Mummy why is that person wearing a mask?”, “Mummy why is that boy wailing, whats wrong with him?”, my question is how do i respond respectfully infront of those people and stop her from staring and looking slightly terrified?



  1. Honestly, just be honest. Tell her the truth. It’s what I do. Oh, and if you don’t know… Ask the person! I’ve had people come up to me and ask about my physical abnormalities which is a lot nicer than people pointing, staring and whispering. 🙂 xx

  2. I’d tell her the disabled person is disabled – ie their mind and/or body works differently to ours and that person cannot talk like we would. The noises that he makes are a way of communicating.
    For the lady with the burka I’d tell her it’s for religious reasons and if the woman was close enough and seemed friendly I’d strike up a conversation and get my daughter involved in asking her why she personally wears one.

    To be honest I work with adults with learning disabilities and some are nonverbal. You’re never going to fully stop them being scared or staring or make them understand until they’re older but you can do your best.

  3. Be honest an encourage more questions maybe she could talk to the lady in the Burka or the carer of the disabled person but always remind her to he polite (though she sounds very thoughtful!)

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