Could I have a private post please? me and my partner of 11 years (on and off)…

Could I have a private post please?

me and my partner of 11 years (on and off) have two children together since I’ve had my youngest, he’s put on so much weight like nearly 20 stone he weighs! he’s just not bothered about his appearance! Just eats all the time don’t feel like I used to about him..and it’s not just about his appearance everything he does for a year or so has really got on my nerves to the point we’re I dispise him. we’re supposed to be getting a house together (he still lives with his parents) and I don’t think it’s the right thing to do with how I feel. I feel as though I’m going through the motions but not really wanting any of it. His parents are a massive issue as he’s the only one so his mother as you probably can imagine is horrendous!! he’s absolutely useless when it comes to doing anything for our kids he rolls his eyes at everything I ask him to do for his kids. I’m at a point where if I stay with him I’m going to be unhappy because I really don’t know if i even like him anymore I care for him but that’s it..but do I stay with him for my children and try looking past everything, but I feel like I’m attaching myself to a sinking ship that in the sense of I’m getting no go from him no excitement no attraction no nothing! When I’ve mentioned anything to him I’m being mardy and tells me to shut up. I think he’s aware how I feel because of the way I’ve been acting but he says nothing I think he wants us to be a family but I want someone who I am in love with who the kids can go out have fun with he doesn’t do nothing with them outside the house as he doesn’t like his appearance. stuck at a loose end and don’t know which direction to go, does anyone have any advice at all?


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