Could I have a private post please. So this is going to sound strange but this…


Could I have a private post please.

So this is going to sound strange but this is genuinely really upsetting and hurting me as a mother. So me and my daughter’s dad have been through alot together met young (17) and been on and off for over 7 years now a long time I know any how our daughter is 6 years old she’s very hyper but thats like his family there always high on life. she can be loud but i feel all children can be. Anyway getting to the point I feel like her dad doesn’t like her. When she’s having a paddy or anything of the sort he shouts and balls and has told me a couple of times he doesn’t like her ( then says it because of me ) I feel as though all he does is shout he never speaks to her she comes home from school and she’ll try tell him about her day he just sits on his phone or blanks her. I never really paid too much attention too it before but latley I’ve noticed so much more. It really is taking it out if me and it truly breaks my heart I love my daughter all the world and more and love listening to what she’s been doing I work part time and live with just my daughter (realtionship been on and off with farther didn’t feel like she had stability so felt this was best) he works all the time and pays for her so can’t fault him in that sense. But when it comes to spending time with her he’s awful or just makes an excuse about having to do somthing. What can I do? When ever I say it he calls me every name under sun and then I feel like am just thinking it in my head. I cant bare it no more


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