Could I possibly have a private post please? Just need some advice but there are…

Could I possibly have a private post please? Just need some advice but there are others I know on the group.

I have a son and daughter, my son is almost 2 and my daughter is 5 months. I have had the health visitor come out as normal and she has asked me to consider enrolling my son in nursery… so here’s my problem. Originally I thought it was a great idea, but now thinking about it I really can’t stand the thought of someone else looking after my son. He is learning a lot at home with me and I don’t see why I should enroll him when he can’t even tell me everything that happens at school. I have really bad anxiety and the thought of something going wrong panics me. So here is my question, are there any other mums who kept there children home from school? Was there any backlash or problems because of it? I’m considering not starting him until I have too? But obviously I don’t want him to be behind. We have plenty of family and children within the family and he sees them frequently so he is well socialised! I just don’t want to hold him back in any way, but at the same time I don’t want to put him in nursery for him to get hurt, pick up bad habits or get into trouble. Regardless of all that he is a BIG mummies boy and I can’t stand the thought of leaving him upset. Any advice would be great.
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  1. I wouldn’t rush as long as he is developing the way he should be at his age there is nothing wrong in starting him in nursery when he turns 3 that way he can tell you a lot more and he should be ready at that age to start, none of my kids went to nursery until they were 3 years and they are bright kids and are definitely Not behind in anything. I personally could not trust any nursery to have my kids at such a young age and luckily my kids were very vocal from 2 1/2 so if anything did happen they would tell me, also you can teach him at home with the first basics such as recognising the prime colours, numbers 1-10 and his phonics which is the sounds of the letters, you can also get activity books for his age to start learning how to spell his name too these are the first things they start to learn in nursery so just teach him at home 10-15 minutes a day and he will be just fine, don’t feel pressured into putting him in nursery so young. I used to work in a nursery that’s how I know what to teach them at that age. Do what you feel is best only mummy’s know what’s best for their child and what will benefit them, him spending this time with you is very precious don’t be so quick to send him off to nursery if he doesn’t need to. Children benefit a lot from spending time with their family and like you said he has other children that he sees regularly so he’s learning social skills, sharing and compassion.

  2. Aw, i totally understand where u are coming from. I too found it difficult to put my son into nursery and I too am a stay at home mom as I wanted to devote my time and energy into my children and home…. however, i put my son in at 12 months and felt uncomfortable for various, justified reasons and thought never again, however, I felt guilty as I could tell he wanted more so at age 2, i tried again with another nursery…. He can’t talk properly so i know he can’t tell me anything is wrong, but the way he runs off into the nursery room with a smile on his face tells me how happy he is going. I know I did the right thing by him. I also love the nursery and staff and so do all your homework and look around at lots of nurseries. If he doesn’t go to nursery however, it wont do him long lasting damage so don’t worry. Good luck xxx

  3. Following as would also like to hear other people’s experiences in not putting their child in nursery. My son is nearly 2, I haven’t ever left him, he’s even going to be present next month when I give birth to his brother and I want to hear positive experiences of not being in nursery as I don’t plan on enrolling him. However, other than the fact I don’t like nursery, leaving him and someone else essentially doing what it my job as a mother I don’t have any other reasons to not and literally my whole family (especially my dad) are really pressuring me into enrolling him. To the poster, at the end of the day it really is your decision, and there are plenty of learning resources on the Internet, libraries, tv programmes and general every day aspects that could offer learning experiences. With confidence that you are able to meet learning needs and comfortable in your decision then keep him home. Xx

  4. Children act differently in different environments. It maybe beneficial to let him go to nursery to have time away from you so the transition is easier when it comes to the point he has to go. It will also help him develop new friendships without you being there and without it being family etc. There are a lot of benefits in letting him go even just for a morning or something. They do a lot with group activities etc and like said will make it easier when it comes to having to go to school x

  5. I was told to put my son In nursery from 2. But I refused as I was also worried about anything happening, my boy has just turned 3 now and I’ve decided to enrol him as he can communicate well and tell me if there is any problems. I also want him to be prepared for when the time comes to start reception I want him to be independent. So you put your child in when the time feels right for you. Xx

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