Could you please post this? I’m feeling a little weird and I just need to know…

Could you please post this?

I’m feeling a little weird and I just need to know if it’s normal basically or if being a selfish cow. Sorry it’s long, I’m 26 and have a fiance and 2 kids I’m so happy and I love my family more than anything! I have a really funny feeling my best friend is talking to or somethings going on with a guy and she’s not telling me because I used to be with him. Now this was when I was 17/18 and I completely fell in love with him but nobody but my best friend knew, (it’s a long story as to why we couldn’t tell anyone but it’s irrelevant to this story and it would take me a while to explain) I fell pregnant with his child and had an abortion and it ended there. I’m not saying I regret that things finished but am I right to be annoyed that I think my friends going behind my back and seeing or talking to him? I think deep deep down I’ll always have something for him, I don’t want to be with him but I don’t think I can watch my friend with him.. i didn’t even know she had him on facebook until he liked a picture of us both I uploaded yesterday (i don’t have him on facebook) I had a look at her profile pictures and he’s liked every single one, also his name came up in conversation the other night while we were having a drink with friends and I caught a really weird look on her face. Please tell me to slap some sense into myself if I’m being pathetic, I just can’t stop thinking about it now.



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5 thoughts on “Could you please post this? I’m feeling a little weird and I just need to know…

  1. Your friend is keeping it from You because she doesnt want to hurt you.
    This was almost 10 years ago, are you sure there are no feelings there ( it sounds like there is)
    I think you are normal to feel something but let her be happy , you have your life now!!
    Give yourself a slap and tell yourself to get grip!

  2. Personally, it would upset me and I would be mad at her but that’s just me! I would never go with someone that my friends have been with and would expect the same back, I thought that was the rules tbh 😂

  3. Just ask her straight up. I would be disappointed.. shouldn’t matter how long ago it was.. She shouldn’t be keeping it a secret from you if it’s not that big of a deal

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