Could you possible do a post for me? I want to know if I’m being hormonal and …

Could you possible do a post for me?

I want to know if I’m being hormonal and over reacting 🙈 I’m so angry at the moment. My mother in law keeps asking me when I will get sterilised. She asked me when I was pregnant with my 4th and put pressure on after a consultant said i would need to go private she said it was rubbish and I should get a second opinion.

Anyway long story short I’m pregnant with my 6th and she recently asked me again this week whether I will get sterilised. I explained I had thought about it but actually I wasn’t sure and on advice from my consultant probably wouldn’t as I am not 100%. She went on to put pressure on saying I should. I tried to stay polite and calm and asked her why she isn’t asking her son if he will have the procedure she said well you’re having a 6th section so they are already in there. I went on to explain whilst I don’t necessarily want anymore children I’m still 32 and in 10 years I could be in a different relationship and feel differently and the decision is too final for me. She said I would be too old at 42 to start again so I should just get it done. We left the conversation open ended as I didn’t want an argument.

Now I wouldn’t mind but I look after my own kids without any family help except occasionally she may take one or two kids at a push for the weekend. Then today my partner asked why I’m not being sterilised. Bottom line he met his mum at the services to hand over two kids for the weekend and the conversation ‘came up’ in the services car park about me being sterilised and how it shouldn’t be negotiable. I told him that in no uncertain terms I would not be getting it done now because of this and it’s none of her bloody business. I said to him if you’re so bothered you get it done. I’m so angry with her and with him that they can have a conversation about what I should do with my body and amused really that she thinks I will listen! Is it me or is this overstepping the mark? She would not in a million years say the same to any other daughter in law. 😡😡😡😡


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  1. Could you possibly reply to my post? I have an income of my own which is not reliant upon my partner and I manage to run this business with the children. My partner also has his own business and we don’t receive any benefits. I have asked her why it matters as she is not looking after them on a daily basis and normally will only have one child the same child to stay over on weekends if she is in the country. She said if anything happens to me then she would have to help my partner raise them. I get this but to be honest I wouldn’t want them to be raised by her anyway! I have had in depth discussions with my consultant and have always said when he tells me it’s too dangerous and recommends sterilisation I would seriously consider it. However he told me that looking at the previous sections, scar tissue etc there have been no complications and yes whilst it may be a 6th section he would have expected if there were to be an issue for it to have happened already. He said that I should be 100% sure as the reversal is not a high success rate and it wouldn’t be funded by the NHS as I will have 6 children. It’s for this reason I would rather use a long term contraception. It just makes me angry, it’s not like she has a huge involvement in our lives or helps out a great deal. Even when I have been in hospital before she’s had one or maybe two children and we have called in a nanny to help. I’m just so annoyed she feels it’s her place to even broach the subject and then having spoken to me and me telling her to get her son to have it done if she is so bothered she then approaches my other half to persuade him to get me to have it done!!! 😂

  2. Tell your husband to have a vasectomy if he is asking! Why should you go through such a big operation – where his is a lot more straight forward! And it isn’t any of her business at all

  3. Your in a relationship and nhs will say he gets done and not you as its cheaper and easier for a man to be done. A man can be done in a gp surgery treatment room by a local aneasthetic a woman needs admission to hospital, spinal block at the minimum and an operating theatre plus all the staff that go with that…. throw that at her…

  4. Maybe she’s concerned? Mothers worry I know I would be worried if my child was on there 6th child especially if it was a 6th section they don’t like doing them after 3, do you work? Maybe she’s worried about the financial side of things or maybe your husband has confided in her that your struggling? Maybe go and speak to her and she why she feels this way

  5. Its much less risky having a vasectomy! Id tell her to piss off out of your business, its not down to her how many children you have or any type of contraception you have never mind being sterilised! Not even my own mother would tell me to do that so id NEVER listen to my MIL if she suggested this!x

  6. Omg a sixth section is that not dangerous for yourself when I had my third section the hospital were sayin i should get my tubes tied as the more sections I have can be deadly but I agree don’t allow anyone to tell you what to do with your body you make the decision

  7. Tell her to jog on, or tell her to put pressure on her precious son , a vasectomy is far easier than sterilisation, they shouldn’t be discussing you or your private life anywhere let alone a car park

  8. Your not wrong!. Some mothers& fathers would love to be grandparents but unfortunately either their son or son’s partner can’t have kids without adopting you’ve gave her 6 grandkids tell her to mind her own business!!! xx

  9. Fair enuff if she had ur kids constant & paid for them then she could pipe up…ur the one who is bringing them up & providing for them, tell her to mind a own business & if she doesn’t want anymore grandchildren from use, tell her to tell a son to get the snip!!

  10. Tbh I’d have another just to piss her off if it was me. Obviously I’d love n want the baby to. No your right to be peed off. I’d tell her it’s non of her business if it was me. X

  11. Tell him to grow a pair and get a vasectomy if he wants to make sure he has no more children and tell him to grow a back bone and stick up for you to his mother as she seems pushy. Its your body and your choice what you do with it. X

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