Dad Pleads For Help After Son Dumped On His Doorstep

I split from my ex 2 years ago. She moved away and we decided that our kids would live with her and I see them weekends.

A year ago our youngest was diagnosed as Autistic. Around that same time, my ex had met someone else. She decided that she didn’t want to look after our youngest anymore as he was too demanding due to his condition and literally dumped him on my doorstep ( she didn’t even discuss it with me, just turned up with his stuff) and said that she needs to get on with her life and cannot look after our son anymore.

My son was very traumatized, he has school refusal and no attempt was made by her to find specialist support for him…

9 months on, my son is still living with me and he is settled, he sees a psychologist to help him, however his mother has not seen him properly since (not even on his birthday) nor pays any maintenance for his upbringing. Her excuse is that he refuses to see her (he is still in junior school ) she also working 4 days and claiming benefits but says she has no money ( even though on Facebook she posts pictures of her in swanky London hotels etc)

I am over the moon that my son now lives with me and I will give him all the support I can

Sometimes he will cry at night and asks for his Mum, I keep on reassuring him that she still loves him. He is so confused and cannot understand why she ignores him yet his sisters are being brought up by her..I have tried to ask her to spend time with him but she refuses, she keeps on saying that she is too busy…… breaks my heart that she has literally turned her back on him because he was an inconvenience in her life.

……..Any advice on what you would do in my situation? I’m prety desperate for help and advice, I feel broken for my lad😞

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