Dads Are Important To- Keep Your Rants To Yourself

Dads get such a bad press on social media and by multiple mums and woman around the globe but dads are important to (depending on his behaviour). .

There are some terrible fathers out there, some total losers, some wasters and some abusers but what about the wonderful dads?

One scroll through a Facebook mum group and you will see dads being slated left right and centre, especially on Father’s Day or at Christmas, but is it necessary to blame all men for one mans wrong doing or even to rant on social media on dads special days, surely on the likes of Fathers day we could keep our opinions to ourselves.

There are dads out there begging to be a part of their children’s lives and often there is no good reason why they can’t be apart of their children’s lives other than the mum is bitter about the break up and is denying the father his rights to see his off spring.

The second a mum rants about her partner or her ex most replies are “leave him” or he’s a waster you’re better off without him and a lot worse, sometimes we all need to hear the whole story to be able to make a judgement, just as not all men are bad not all woman are innocent and nice.

Dads Are Important To Keep Your Rants To Yourself
Dads Are Important To Keep Your Rants To Yourself

Woman across the world are tarring all men with the same brush.

Let’s remember ladies there are dads out there raising children alone, men who support their ex’s financially, mentally and even help with diy around their ex’s home, who spoil the kids and attend every school play, special event and remain civil and respect the mother of their child.

There are men raising children which aren’t theirs and doing an amazing job to.

There are fathers who are fantastic, who are hard-working, who are supportive, so come on ladies let’s show the good strong amazing dads some credit.

Don’t label all men the same, find out the facts before we all judge and remember good dads, step fathers, partners and male relatives can provide a huge positive impact on your child’s well-being.

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