Dear Teacher I’m Sorry You Missed Out On My Awesome Kid

Dear Teacher I'm Sorry You Missed Out On My Awesome Kid

After a tough year. I wrote this.

Dear Teacher

I have heard your complaints, how my child has been bossy.

I have heard you say he did not follow your exact directions.

I have heard you say he wrote his name on a ruler.

I have heard you say he takes some things to the extreme.

I have heard every single one of your complaints.

I have heard you tell me he is below grade level.

I have heard you tell me he is taking advantage of his IEP accommodations.

I have heard the list of members around the table at every IEP meeting yet it all seems a blur when it is over.

I have also heard the doctor say he may not be successful in life.

I have heard a list of diagnoses including Autism, hypotonia, Epilepsy, Dyslexia, Chromosomal abnormalities and even more.

I have heard him cry at night that he has no friends.

I have heard him tell me that even you think he is dumb.

I have heard him tell me that he is too nervous to go to school.

I have heard him cry over homework at 9pm, because he was at various therapies right after school. All because you told him it must be done, you will check, even though we talked about evening therapies multiple times.

What I have not heard is one positive thing about my child this year.

I am sorry that even though you had him for 180 days you missed the amazing child behind those diagnosis’s, you missed the heart behind it.

While that ultimately made our year really tough, you are the one who missed out on an amazing kid. Not all disabilities show on the outside and that is the case with my child. You missed out this time, I hope not next time. Please remember that positive words go farther than negativity. Your students and families see your eye rolls. If it is hard for you, imagine how it is for us. How would you feel if it was your child? We feel your annoyance, it really hurts. I will not apologize because I am not sorry for my child they are working with what they were given. You are there to guide them, help them and be there when they need it. Remember dear teacher, if all kids were the same this world would be pretty boring. I know he will do great things because he is capable of things you never seen possible.


The parent of the kid you missed out on


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