Dear Working Dads We See You!

Dear working dads…. We see you!

We see you working from sun up to sun down. Only seeing your kids before school because most times they’re in bed by time you get home. We see you come home from working 12-16 hours of hard labour & still get on the floor and wrestle with the kids. We see you laid back in that recliner after work with the baby on your chest, dozing off, but you just want to get those snuggles in because each day you’re gone to work the baby grows more and more.

We see your absence at school functions & sports games, not because you don’t want to be there but because you have no choice.

You’re the bread-winner. You’ve sacrificed working relentless hours so your wife can stay home with the kids. So she can be there for every single event they have.

Every single milestone

Every single boo boo

Every single sports game

Every single school function

Every single Dr appointment

We appreciate this more than you know. We see that you are hurting inside when your child begs you to go to something and you have to say ” I can’t buddy, Daddy has to work”. The look of disappointment in their eyes but you know that one day they will understand. One day this will all make sense. You did this for them. You worked your butt off so they could do all these wonderful things.

We see the look in your eyes when your kid comes running to up to you and you don’t know what to do cause it’s a first for you. It’s ok. We’re all still learning. We see how our kids act a fool all day for us moms and you come home and give them that look and they instantly act right.

Dadding is a hard job too. Just because you don’t stay home with the kids all day, don’t mean that you don’t have it hard. Missing out on everything is probably the hardest part of all.

Emailed in by Marie Nussa

Author: XGemx

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  1. Deep words, they hit close to home. It is tough working and missing out on a lot, but the other side of that is working can sometimes be a break from parenting. I wouldn’t say one is harder then the other, but they can both be hard at times

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