Do Not Steal This Illustration-Wellington Boot Family

I have seen on so many parenting sites and social media groups across Facebook and Instagram promoting an image of the Wellington Boot families, this is a beautiful picture of a family of wellington boots, mummy boot, daddy boot and the children’s boots, names can be added to the image.

Many of my personal friends and all across Facebook I have seen this as peoples profile picture or cover photo.

Members of these groups are asking if anyone would like one done and are happy to create one for members.

But beware you are breaking copyright law.

This beautiful illustration belongs to 

copyright wellington boot family

Luci Rose Illustrations has been in contact with the app creators who have been using her image and is in talks to have the image removed or credit given to her.

Do not use or alter this image without permission you may be in breach of copyright law.


Author: XGemx

16 thoughts on “Do Not Steal This Illustration-Wellington Boot Family

    1. I have to agree, Peter Rabbit and Belle……. shame as her own work is lovely. Very talented Lady, she shouldn’t need to use other peoples ideas.

  1. “For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.”

    The moment the ‘artist’ posts an image on facebook…. you ‘give’ facebook the license to do as they like…

    1. This means that facebook can use it to advertise your page. Not that someone who doesn’t work for facebook with photoshop or similar and come along, pull your work off your fb page and list it as their own for other people to use without licence.

  2. It’s one thing that this has happened, it’s another thing that people are now trying to justify it in these comments.

    Imagine you went to colllege for 3 years then to university for another 3 years. You’ve spent 6 years of your life building up to your career you’ve spent a minimum of 27K to get to this stage and you have spent endless nights designing and advertising something that could potentially make you some money. You’ve spent weeks setting up a small online business trying to earn money doing what you love. Then not just one person but an abundance of people think they own the right to all your hard work!?

    Trying to justify theft via facebooks legalities. They were not written to excuse tight people from stealing someone’s intellectual property. They were written to cover the owners of the company. No where in that writing does it translate to ‘Go ahead be a thief, potentially ruin a small business’

    You need to reassess yourself if you are st here thinking this is okay.

  3. Well written Carley!! Exactly that!

    It’s disgusting that the people commenting have little regard for the hard work this person must have put into her designs.

    I know from experience how personal it is, and how absolutely infuriating it can be when a lazy “so and so” comes in to swoop up your ideas!!

    These designs are her IP, no one else’s. She is not relinquishing her rights when she posts on FB.

    To the people justifying what has happened to her… how dare you?! I can only hope that something like this happens to you and you can experience it first hand!! Though, more than likely not as I’m pretty sure they are the sort of person to freely steal other people’s designs!

    Ugh, tired of reading stories like this.

    I’m out!

  4. I am confused! We have been bought a personalised original illustration as a present which I have photographed & used as a cover photo (no app in sight) is this in breach of copyright? Or is it a design created for us commissioned by a friend? Who owns it at this point?

    1. As an artist myself when I’m commissioned to paint a design or portrait – I allow the recipient make copies – especially if a portrait like a family member. If its a illustration I’ve designed myself – I watermark it but don’t allow copies to be made but this doesn’t stop them from being stolen. I had to send a cease & desist notification a few years back to a company who were selling “prints” of my work & it worked. I don’t get why people copy others designs – there are so many people copying this wellyboot design – personally I wouldn’t want something that loads of people have

  5. Jessica, the copyright will always belong to the artist. If the artist has not given you permission to use the item digitally you could be in breach. Same as if I take a pic of my old Venture portrsit photos and put them on FB. Minimum the artist should be credited and their copyright asserted so that no one else should copy it from your page (extremely easily done). You may be accidentally and unintentionally allowing other people to download your photo of her copyright work and to steal it. To display it digitally I believe you should have bought digital rights to use it.

    Another example – if I want digital copies of my kid’s school photos, I should buy them from tge company and use them in accordance with their permissions granted. If I try to save money by buying one print, scanning it in, distributing it far and wide to family, printing copies and using it to make a puzzle or cup etc, I would effectively be stealing from the company and breaching their copyright. It’s one of those things that just because lots of people do it, it doesn’t make it legal.

    If you took a photo of the print in situ on the wall, that is different because it’s a photo of a print, not trying to make a digital copy.

    Hope that helps x

  6. Just to add, you or your friend has bought the artwork or print, not the copyright – a bit like buying a book. The artist cam take that design and make tweaks and sell to someone else, you wouldn’t be able to do that (not that you want to!)

  7. If I were to do one myself and give it to a family friend as a Christmas gift not for money but with different colours and different designs would that be copyright?

  8. But to some who are artists like me – it is important! And “let’s stop using art to make people happy” – that is one of the main reasons I became an artist! It may not be important to you Bex – but to me & many others – it is!

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