Don’t Let Your Un-Neutered Cat Out

Linzi Speers is trying to make people aware of the dangers to your cat if they rent neutered

Speers said “This picture is sees the reality of what can happen.

3 Tom cats tormenting a un-neutered female cat.

Mating season has started. Hormones are flying high in the feline world.

Why should I get my girl cat neutered?

They can become pregnant from 16 weeks old! 16 weeks.

Just babies themselves. Their bodies can’t cope. And if they get pregnant time and time again, the chances of troublesome pregnancy increases……

Needing urgent expensive caesarean

Deformed kittens (missing limbs, short tails)

Still births

Death in birthing

Your female cat……. if your female is pregnant, during her pregnancy she may need up to 4 x her usual food intake to ensure she, and her growing kittens are well.

Kittens and mummy cat will eat anything from 4-8 tins of food A DAY to keep strong and grow. (Dependent on litter size)

Once born, the Kittens will need flea and wormers. Wormer at 4,6,8 and 10 weeks to avoid FATAL diseases.

Siblings, (Brothers and sisters), can start to mate and reproduce from 16 weeks old. Siblings reproducing can result in awful deformities.

Mummy cat can get pregnant again, once her Babies are 4-5 weeks old………..


Let that sink in….. do not let her out, until she is neutered!


Their pee, if not done, STINKS! it does!

They will SPRAY, they will ROAM, often GET LOST, they WILL FIGHT.

Un-neutered males, fighting, not only are at high risk of injuries, bite wounds, needing ANTI-BIOTICS and expensive vet care, they are also very prone to FIV (Cat version of HIV) transmitted through deep bite wounds.

Lastly, your local rescue and ALL rescues in the Uk and abroad, are bursting at the seams of unwanted cats and kittens… many in some organisations, are euthanized.

Please, do not put your cat at risk. Please, do not add to the problem of so many needing homes.

Neuter is a quick and simple solution.

Your local rescue, cats protection league etc can help you part fund the neuter if you contact them.

The solution is simple, the outcome, if you do NOTHING, is seriously cruel and unnecessary.

Please, this week, take the steps and get your cat done!

They will thank you, they will feel happier, they will be safe.

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