Don’t Take Photos At School You Are Putting Children At Risk

Don't Take Photos At School You Are Putting Children At Risk

If the school or sports team, club  or anyone says please don’t take photos at their event, assembly, play etc , then please don’t take any bloody photos!

Watched multiple parents sneer and then sneakily take pics despite just being told not to.

You have no idea why some parents haven’t given permission for their child’s picture to be taken, yes it could just be that they don’t want it done, but it could be a reason of safety, that child could be hiding from someone who wants to take/harm them or a family member, witness protection or people trying to hide from a violent past.

I understand how annoying it is, but don’t be so selfish.

If your child is dressed up then take a photo before they go, or after when they are alone, if the school says you can take photos but not to up load them on to social media then don’t, if you want to post an image of your own child then make sure any other children are cropped out.

Times have changed and with social media so easily assessable your innocent looking photo of your child and a few of her classmates could mean you are putting one of them in serious danger.

These rules are in place to protect children to protect the innocent, just listen to what you are being asked to do, it really isn’t hard.

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