Easter Is Not Christmas Stop Spoiling Children

Easter is not Christmas stop with all the spoilt children

I for one am fed up of seeing all these posts on Facebook and Instagram with images of giant gift piles for Easter, mums are spending a fortune on their children and it’s ridiculous.

It’s bad enough at Christmas seeing huge piles of expensive gifts but now there is also elf on the shelf bringing Christmas Eve boxes (completely unnecessary)

In one post i saw a woman put a picture up of 4 balloons each costing around £15 each, 2 outfits, a DVD, 4 Easter eggs, gift vouchers and 2 scooters for two children aged 3 and 6, someone please for the love of god tell me why?.

What happened to just a chocolate egg, kids are getting too much now days but who am I to judge its their child to spoil and ruin, but what I hate is the way they spread it all across social media and ask if this is enough!!!

Shut up of course it’s enough!!! Easter is not Christmas, there are parents out there who will only be able to afford a £1 gift, there are parents out there stressing and worrying that they don’t measure up to others, stop attention seeking you know you have gone over the top with the gifts you purely o make people jealous or to brag.

If you feel the need to spend loads of money on Easter that’s your choice but I don’t want to see it on my timeline and you shouldn’t need others to tell you how amazing you are for spending stupid amounts of cash on Easter, grow up ans stop boasting, there is no such thing as a parent of the year award and I bet your children don’t appreciate half the su have got them .

One egg is enough so kindly shut up and stop trying to shame other parents!

Written by: Eliza Fordman

Author: XGemx

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