Elderly Man Left In Hospital Waiting Room

Do NOT take ur loved ones to memorial hospital in Modesto!!! My dad was released at 4am this morning on his own w/no phone, car ,money, or even means to walk or stand on his own!

I instructed his nurse to call me AS SOON as he was released so I could pick him up but they NEVER did..my 70yr old father was Rolled into a waiting room & left there FOR SEVERAL HOURSSSS waiting for a ride that would’ve never came..I was told he was released an, ‘left on his own”@4am because he was “alert”. I then informed them that he COULDN’T have left on his own because he can’t walk, &I was his only ride! he didnt even have a phone to call anyone!

After the 3rd time of calling an demanding they check the waiting room, bathrooms, they said he was gone! Finally the 4th time I called back an spoke to someone else they found him in the waiting room..I rushed bck to Modesto to find out he had been sitting there in pissed pants for over FOUR HOURS bcuz he wasn’t even able to get himself to the bathroom.

On top of everything else some lady sitting next to him stole his walker!!(right in front of security)There was only a handful of people in that waiting room how could they not notice a 70yr old man,pee’d sitting there for several hours?!!!!! Without even checking on him or assisting him!! Unacceptable! He was released with pneumonia, a fever, and completely drugged up on morphine! DO NOT TAKE UR LOVED ONES TO THIS PLACE! #pleaseShare

Credit https://www.facebook.com/chelseyannvargas

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