Febrile Convulsions I Didn’t Know What To Do



So just wanted to put a little warning out there for all the mummies that don’t know about febrile conculsions,

On Saturday my whole life nearly shattered, I was out the full day with Matthew, we went to the park, and went for some food he was fine and acting his usual self hyper and full of energy, as we were walking home he fell asleep so I just left him to it, once we got home I took him out his pram and put him in his bed, and that’s when I noticed he was breathing very fast.

So I stripped him down to his vest and took his temperature, his temperature was at 39.9 so gave him some ibuprofen (baby) to help and within 2 minutes of him taken it he started to daze off so I started to cup his cheek and talk to him asking if everything was okay, he then started to shake, I didn’t know what to do or what was happening I picked him up and he started to get worse and worse my baby started turning purple.

I panicked and shouted to my partner Marc and he took Matthew and sat him on his knee trying to make sure his tongue never rolled to the back of his throat, he’s then started to turn blue 6 minutes in and he still wasn’t coming round, mean while we were on hold for the ambulance, after about 10 minutes my baby’s body went floppy and foam was coming from his mouth he was unresponsive, he came back round for a few seconds and was crying normal again then the he went straight back into another seizure.

The  ambulance came and he was given oxygen and they took his heart rate as they were doing there thing I was thinking it’s my fault thinking I had done something I had a panic attack and my mind went blank, I couldn’t think straight i was broken and terrified that I was going to lose my baby💔, we got to the hospital and they told me it was “ febrile convulsions” and that it’s common in baby’s up to the age of 6, it’s caused by a baby’s temperature being too high and because they can’t regulate there own body it kinda goes into shock it occurs in about 3 in 100 children , and can also can re-occurs approximately 3-4 times in a child.

I was never told anything about this as a new mum you would think they would give you warning if a babies high temperature could cause a seizure, i though the worse and though I was going to lose my baby and I would never in a million years wish that on my worst enemy💔,

What do you do if your baby starts to have a febrile convulsion seizure?

Try to keep calm as much as it’s frightening they will not be aware of anything that’s going on.

Do not hold your child down when they’re having a fit

Lay your child on the floor or ground on their side to prevent choking or accidental injury

Do not put anything near or in your babies mouth

Take a note of how long the fit last and seek medical attention.

Most babies come round within 5-10 minutes and will be completely fine and not aware of anything that’s just happened.

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