Football Mums Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

If your child is currently in or has even been in a football team you may relate.

I have two sons Harrison 11 and Elijah 7 both who are in football teams.

My weekends are no longer my own, we have training on a Friday night and I know some poor parents in other teams train bright and early on a Saturday morning.

Every Sunday during the coldest months of the year I am forced to get both my boys to matches some being a great distance apart, I often have to plead with other parents to take one for me and then feel immense guilt that I missed their match.

Now I forgot to mention I have a younger child who hates football, so on a cold Sunday morning I stand in the middle of a muddy field with my daughter moaning she is cold and bored and now been forced to get her expensive horse riding lessons as compensation.

My boys NEED not want but need the latest football boots, there are subs to pay, coffees to buy and the perk of some venues selling bacon butties, and yearly signing on fees so it can cost a fair bit, sometimes they need sponsors for new kits or want you to help with bake sales or fundraising events.

Football Mums Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
Football Mums Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Now I’m painting a negative picture here, we love it (ok not my daughter) but I have no interest in football at all but seeing my eldest scoring the winning goal or my middle son making a cracking save is a huge adrenaline rush.

I become fierce mama at the side of that small football pitch cheering my boys on and root for the entire team, it is a huge commitment but one that is worth while.

You become a unit, the children become firm friends and the parents support each other and their children.

So yes it’s cold, yes it’s expensive and takes over your weekends but any proud football mum wouldn’t have it any other way, so if you’re thinking of signing your child up for football be prepared to get cold and wet but feel happy and proud at the same time.




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