Forced To Sell House To Pay For Care

Forced To Sell House To Pay For Care

IS THIS RIGHT.??MY DAD BEING FORCED TO SELL HIS HOME … This is me and my 92 year old Dad yesterday. He’s fit and takes only an inhaler but does have vascular Dementia. Dad was active in World War 2 , he can’t remember.

He educated himself at University to escape the Pit work his family had all done , he can’t remember.

Worked his entire life and educated me and my siblings , he can’t remember. Wrote beautiful poetry and stories , he can’t remember.

Married to mum for 61 years , he can’t remember.

NOW HE HAS TO PAY FOR HIS CARE BY SELLING HIS BEAUTIFUL HOUSE ..🙈🙈and I thank god he can’t remember. 🙈🙈

We don’t begrudge paying nearly A THOUSAND POUNDS A WEEK , yes a week … but he sits beside people who pay NOTHING. He is being penalised for securing his future and NEVER EVER taking state money.

When the money has gone to the state from the sale of his house he will stay in his residential home and be paid for. He will die a poor man , a man with nothing to leave to his grandchildren… ZERO , ZILCH… A PAUPER ..

I feel useless for not being able to care for him and feel broken hearted for him that his house is to be sold.. An overhaul of our Elderly population’s care is long overdue. To the fat cats that this scenario doesn’t affect , to the owners of care homes who charge extortionate fees , to the Government who are so self obsessed and power crazy …. I pity you all…. And to us ordinary mortals … it’s about time we uprose and got this in order. please like and share but no comments. I just want this to get to someone who might give a monkeys…. 🐵🙉🙊



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