Give This Boy One More Chance At Life

On the 1st of February we got told our baby boy had a tumor in his liver. We knew nothing more till he had his biopsy on the 5th. When his results came back it was heartbreaking to listen to.. All 4 sections of his liver had been taken over and they also found it had spread to both lungs. The scan images was the hardest. Seeing this cancer taking up so much of his tiny body!!

He got diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma stage IV. -Hepatoblastoma is a rare tumor that usually occurs in children under 3 and only about 8 children are diagnosed in the UK each year. There are stages I, II, III & IV. Unfortunately Charlie is stage IV which means it’s took over his liver and spread to both his lungs, because of this he will need a liver transplant, but they can’t do this until the cancer in both lungs goes, otherwise it will just spread again to his new liver.

The chemotherapy treatment he’s on is to hopefully clear the cancer in his lungs and shrink the tumor in his liver. He has a scan in Leeds on 5.4.16 which will tell us how he’s responding to the chemo and how ready he might be for his liver transplant. Until then and also after his transplant he carries on with all his treatment as normal (chemotherapy, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions etc)  even though he seems happy in himself his survival rate is still only 20%-60%.

We as parents left work to spend as much time as we can with him, but this has meant we have a really low income with hardly no financial support. I’m due to have our 2nd child on the 25.05.16 and Charlie’s 3rd birthday is on the 24.04.16 and we want to make it a very special one so money at the moment is a stress we don’t need. We are coping with what we get but as for weekends away and trips to the zoo etc in between his treatments is a struggle. The money donated isn’t for any treatment as his treatment is on the NHS it’s is literally just for him, and us as a family to make memories.**- wrote before treatment abroad was needed *****

Charlie’s memorise is now raising for private treatment abroad to give him a chance of life. 

For Charlie to travel to be given a second chance will cost $1.1 million.  Which is approximately£855,580.00 in UK pound

Please help our baby boy live.
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