Give Working Mums Support To Pay Child Care For Children Between Birth – 3yrs

Give working mums support to pay child care for children between birth – 3yrs

Why should those who are unemployed be given free child care and not parents who ae already working, now we aren’t against the unemployed but we do not think it is fair parents who have or get a job should not be able to receive free child care places or at least a deduction.

Parents who are already in receipt of free childcare have this taken away if they find a job and earn above a certain threshold.

Two parent families have found that the mum is unable to return to her job as the childcare costs are far too steep, people are not able to better themselves or their child’s life due to the extortionate prices of child care.

One such mum has set up a petition in the hopes that the government may rethink their childcare plan and make changes to help working families.

Sami Austin said on her petition “I am a new working mum and I can not believe how expensive child care is, working on the national minimal wage how are mums able to work to cover child care costs when it takes over 3/4 of their wage. Why penalize the people who WANT to work”.

If you agree with Sami why not sign the petition below

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7 thoughts on “Give Working Mums Support To Pay Child Care For Children Between Birth – 3yrs

  1. I don’t agree with this… I don’t work but my husband does… before having my 3rd child and I was looking for work I found it impossible as we couldn’t afford child care on my husband’s wages. So I was stuck in a loop. I couldn’t provide childcare as I didn’t have the money, so in order to have the money I needed a job but couldn’t get one as I had no childcare for my child and I’m in the exact same position now. I got told if I was working I could have got help with somr childcare cost as both parents would have been working….. so it’s not the unemployed who get the help.

    1. I’m in this exact situation. My partner works full time but on his wage alone it’s just not possible. We’re not entitled to ANY help towards childcare because he works 39 hours a week and We can’t pay for childcare because I’m not working and I can’t work because we can’t pay for childcare. I don’t understand how the government expect everyone to be able to go back to work after having children when there are no childcare measures in place to make this easier. I’d love to be able to go out to work and help provide towards my children’s futures but with this current system, it’s simply not possible.

  2. Everyone is now entitled to free childcare for 15-30 hours a week (or something similar) it’s not a lot when childcare costs are so high no, but it’s something which is better than nothing. Nursery staff need to earn money too and if we’re all just handed out free hours the whole field would go bankrupt.

    1. No, this is incorrect. You don’t get help until they are 3 years old! There is nothing yet available for before 3 yrs of age. Both myself and my partner work and we earn ‘too much’ despite coming out with a very average wage and that’s only to get a measly £47!!

  3. I can’t get the 15 or 30 hours due to redundancy, cant afford to place my kids under 3 to be able to work so my partner has to pay for everything. I want a job and have been training to be a teaching assistant but now the government are cutting funding it’s becoming ridiculous

    1. Surely 700 extra in the bank each month is better, and it’s only temp until little one starts school or recieves 30 hr funding?

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