Grandad Saves Toddler From Drowning

Lauren lawlor walker has taken to Facebook to share her Grandads story.

Walker said “

So earlier on today my grandad TOM WALKER was standing outside of his job and heard a woman scream as he turned his head around the corner he seen a pregnant woman running around in circles screaming her head off beside the canal. As my grandad was getting closer and closer and faster and faster he seen something in the water, a little pair of legs, so as he was running he took his jacket and shoes off and threw them aside and immediately jumped into the water in his clothes.

There was also another man helping to save the little girl.My grandad then got the child out of the water to see it was a 2-year-old little girl with scratches on her and completely turned off colour. He checked her airways to see if there was anything blocking them and also checked her pulse to find that there was none.

He then started to do CPR on the little girl ( he is trained and knew what he was doing ) while he was doing CPR there were plenty of people asking him if he even knew what he was doing and after 20 minutes of continuing to do CPR my grandad brought the 2-year-old little girl back to life! She began to spit up the dirty water. After ambulances and fire brigades arrived he then walked back into work in his soaking wet clothes. He then got collected and on his way home a 40ft truck crashed into the car he was in but everyone is okay. It has been an extremely stressful day for him, emotions are everywhere.

The mans grandaughter is incredibly proud of her hero grandfather and added “Please share this post around so everyone can see what an amazing thing my grandad did today, he’s such a loving, caring and generous man who would do anything for others and our family would love for other people to see this too! PLEASE SHARE!❤❤❤”

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