Grow Older With Me

She’s 80.

He’s 85.

They’ve both done life.

And lots of it.

But their first glance look

is one for the books.

Their entire wedding

beats almost all I’ve ever shot. . .

This is her farmhouse;

a family farmhouse. . .

It’s over 130 years old.

It burnt down once.

It was just used to store hay for a while. . .

but it was rebuilt.

It’s the house her daddy was born in.

And now,

no one lives here.

It’s been kept in the family forever.

Her kids decided to start fixing it up for her,

and she decided it’s where she wanted to marry Jim.

Hundreds of their family members gathered to watch. . . .

and every moment of today

felt like home.

I love how . . . somehow . . .

that mirror

caught her reaction

better than I did.

Grow older with me,

the best is yet to be.

*via Jordan Burch Photography

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