Guide To Understanding Essex Speech

Guide To Understanding Essex Speech

Ever wanted to be able to speak and understand the Essex folk well look no further here is an easy guide to help you on your way to speaking fluent Essex

Alma chizzit.. a request to ascertain the price of an item.

Amant.. quantity; sum total

Awss.. Four legged animal you can ride on

Corta panda.. a large hamburger

Corta panda wiv cheez.. a large hamburger with a plastic slice of cheese

Dan ill.. in the direction of the bottom of an incline

Dohyawanna… Would you like to attend the evnt with me

Effix.. moral principles

Eye eels.. women’s footwear which increases their height

Fanx… an expression of gratitude

Fink… To ponder

Furrok… the location of Lakeside shopping centre

Garrij… urban music genre

Ibeefa… popular holiday island to party

Janarta meen… do you understand my sentiments

Lafarjik… lacking in energy

Mow tar.. a vehicle

Saffend… costal resort with the longest pier in the world

Tan.. the city of London

Warta… clear liquid which comes from a tap

Wodja Kowl it.. requesting the name of an item or a term in which to refer

Wodja rekkun… what are your thoughts on the matter

Webbats… querying the location of something

Yafta.. you are obliged

yuno… do you understand what I am saying

Zibbit… request for you to be quiet

Now you can speak Essex, please help your fellow man and add any more translations into the comment section.

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