He Beat The Baby Out Of Her- Domestic Violence

Last year it finally happened. The mother of another girl messaged me and said he’s doing it again he is hitting and beating and being abusive to her daughter. I spoke to her mum, I spoke to the girl.

The mum was desperate to save her daughter but the girl has gone back to him again, she has been brain washed by this man she believes he won’t do it again, BUT HE WILL.

Less than a month later I receive another call the poor girl, was beaten so badly she had to have her jaw wired, she went back again, she believed his lies, she believed she deserved it, she was wrong, no one deserves to be beaten, no one deserves to feel so worthless.

Then it happened the worst thing possible, she became pregnant, then came the accusations that she was cheating, how she possibly could cheat when he never lets her out of his sights.

Her loving mum called me a few months ago, the girl had got to 4 months pregnant and he became jealous of their growing fetus, he basically beat the baby out of her, she sadly lost the life that was growing inside of her, she plunged deeper and deeper into depression and ultimately took her own life.

I speak to her mum regularly, she is understandably broken and doesn’t understand why her daughter didn’t just leave, but sometimes it isn’t that simple, sometimes woman have to have more help than just family or friends telling them he is bad.

I wish I had done more, I wish I had referred her to the police, the Samaritans ANYONE in authority.

If a man has beaten one girlfriend the chances are he will beat the next, please listen to others when it comes to domestic violence, be wary and listen to your instincts.

Sender wishes to remain anonymous

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