Hello can I have a private post to the right page please thankyou. My 3 year o…

Hello can I have a private post to the right page please thankyou.

My 3 year old son has recently been diagnosed with autism now is the time to start looking at first schools for him he currently goes every morning at Nursary we have asked for one to one as he needs it but because it’s run by a church they have to look for funding , anyway I have been advised by his paediatrician to go to schools look around and see what ones are best for him the problem is for some reason my mum is so against him going to a specialised school and I don’t know why. I have made appointments to go and visit the schools one of them mainstream which said they would provide a one to one and the other two schools are ideal for his needs . It’s coursing a lot of arguments between me and my mum she just doesn’t understand where I’m coming from I don’t drive and the specialised schools are Abit far out so I asked would she take me to the appointments but she said no . I just don’t understand why she is so against it and when I ask she doesn’t really give me a reason she just says she doesn’t want him to go . My argument is that a mainstream school with one to one is great but will they be able to meet his needs will they be able to handle his behaviour when it’s bad ect with the other schools they are more educated and experienced with his disability and have the knowledge ect to help him . All I want is the best for my son like any other parent but my mum makes me feel like I shouldn’t even consider it 😔 and I should send him to a mainstream school . His father also agrees with me that possibly a specialised school will be better for him. Am I in the wrong for wanting him to go ? How can I make her understand that it might be what’s best for my son? Thankyou x


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