Hello im in some desperate need off advice. Me and my partner previously split c…

Hello im in some desperate need off advice.
Me and my partner previously split cause i found out he had been cheating on me. Couple weeks back so he went back to his mums and ive been still sleeping with him and what not obviously its just hard when thats all youve none. But to try distract myself i signed up to pof.
Just to speak to guys for some form off distraction.
Anyway thursday night he come banging my door at 4 30 in the morning stupid me let him in as ive let him in his told his freind to come in and start demanding a 5er from me so he can go the shop and get more alcohol as he was already drunk and gets violant i didnt want the hassle so i ran to the cash point withdrawn money come back to give.
He leaves with the money and without my knoledge he took my phone.
Anyway 5 mins later bang bang bang on the door again so i open it and he comes in pushes me calls me a slag bla bla bla smashes up my tele ( this is not the first time his smashed up my car my laptop 2 other phones my drawers) anyway so i think to myself fuck this this has happened way to many times. Get my daughter and things together and leave at around 5 sit in my car most the morning till my freind woke up as i didnt have a phone to contact anyone. Anyway ive been here since to scared to go back home. And today he spoken to my sister saying ive took his child away from him for two days and if i dont get the fuck back j
Home theres going to be consequences with more threats saying how he doesnt give a fuck about me he just wants to see his daughter as we had an agreement for him to see her one day on one day off i just need aome advice on this whole situation.
Literally distraght cause the worst thing is i still care for him


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