Here’s Why You Should Bin Your Mascara

😳 Throughout my years of working my little makeup biz, I’ve had so many women admit to me that they don’t remove their makeup, replace their mascara regularly, or wash their face daily. My reaction is always like 😱 and here’s why…

🥺 Hello, my name is demodex folliculorum and I live in the pores of the skin of your face – that’s why it’s important to wash your face and remove makeup!!

🕷The only way you can see me is with a microscope. I measure between 0.3 and 0.4mm and like spiders, I have 8 legs.

I like living in hair follicles that you have in your nose, cheek, and eyelashes. These are places where there’s more fat to feed me.

I feed on your secretions and your dead skin. I can put up to 25 eggs in every hair follicle.

My digestive system is not able to eliminate my waste, so I accumulation them in my body until I explode and die. My remains cause hypersensitivity reactions.

According to some studies, in some people, I can cause infections on eyelids and rosacea.

I am a mite that is present in almost every adult on this planet.

• Are you gonna remove your makeup tonight? • Are you going to invest in a good skin care regime?

• Or are you going to be grossed out and ignore it and allow these little guys to reproduce on your face? 😬

Speak to me for your perfect cleanser!

PS…If your mascara if over 3 months old, you might wanna throw it out and get a new one too! Often people brag to me that they don’t wear mascara much so theirs lasts a year. Nope! Bacteria begins to grow in your tube after the first time you use it. 90 days is the max you should go 😉

Credit: Ana Marie Anselmi

Author: XGemx

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