He’s Too Old To Be In A Buggy With A Bottle

Yesterday afternoon me & my mummy sat in the waiting room, while my big Sister had an eye test. A lady who was also waiting, looked at me and said “you’re far to old to be in that buggy and have that bottle”

She’s kind of right I am 4 now and most of my nursery friends do not use a buggy anymore, but I’m not like most of my friends, my brain doesn’t understand the danger of roads & I still fall over a lot because I struggle with my balance and coordination due to poor muscle tone. I am working hard at the gym (occupational therapy) but my legs aren’t strong enough to walk very far yet. My special buggy helps me to stay safe.

In regards to the “Bottle” I think the lady meant my beaker, I know I’m meant to drink out of a cup without a lid now I’m a big 4, and when I am at home I do practice drinking from one, because my Mummy doesn’t mind if I spill it all over me, but when we go out she wants my clothes to stay dry so I dont get cold & this is why I take my beaker out with me.

Dear lady at the opictions,

My Mummy said you probably didn’t mean to be rude, and maybe your comment was because your generation doesn’t know much about Autism. This is why she was very polite, and didn’t say much back to you.

I was unable to say anything to you myself as I can’t say many words, but I am a very clever little boy. Even though you have been in this world for many more years than I have (and even more years than Mummy has🙊) I would like you to understand that my age doesn’t represent my ability, and please also be aware that not all disabilities are visible.

Mummy says I do not have to justify myself to anyone but I’m not writing this for that reason. I’m doing so because I want to help educate you about Autism, and encourage you & others to ask questions instead of making assumptions that you know best. After all, it doesn’t matter how old we get, we never stop learning. Thank you for reading.

Hugs from Byron 💛

Credit https://www.facebook.com/maria.newton.948

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