Hey can I have a ppp, So I took my 5 year old out for lunch today , school have…


Hey can I have a ppp,

So I took my 5 year old out for lunch today , school have referred him after months of me pestering about how he breaks down with lots of people ,,

Anyway we were sat at the door and he started getting upset holding his ears and asking to go under the table to were it was quiet the place wasn’t busy or loud atall , I managed to get my phone out and let him watch some toy reviews and he concentrated on the phone instead of the noise … a table of old granny’s were beside us saying that electronic things are ruining young kids etc etc I just ignored them because I was so proud he managed to sit as long as he did ..

Just wondering if anyone has any tips was thinking of headphones or anything that could help him ,, school are finally listening after he has spent since September holding his ears ??

Went to the docs when he was 3&4 are told me his ears are fine it’s normal xx



  1. Could be a sensory processing disorder, my almost 11 year old has this, he used to cover his ears from a really young age if anything was too loud, say if I laughed unexpectedly, he doesn’t like crowded places and needs to hold my hands at all times when out, and wear noise reduction headphone and music on his phone x

  2. When it was my daughters Christmas sing a long at local church I sis notice a little boy wearing children’s sound defenders. I know they aren’t the best to look at but if it’s provides your son with some comfort then it’s worth ago x

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