Hey,can I have a pp please… I need advice guys,I have two kids,one from a prev…


Hey,can I have a pp please…
I need advice guys,I have two kids,one from a previous relationship ..my husband and I have being married for 4 years,he was constantly leaving for no reason and coming back with excuses,and every time I took him back,as he went counciling etc.this time round he started hitting me,he was very good most of the time but the smallest thing could have turned him nasty an then everything was turned around and i was being blamed for everything until the day came he hit me hard and I told him to leave.it killed me and still does but i dont want my kids growning up thinking its ok to walk in and out of their husband/wifes lives,or leave their kids just because bills get to much or they want to go out and enjoy single life for a few months. my kids are heartbroken,as my oldest daughter looked upon him like he was her dad as he was there since she was a baby.i want to keep my children's lives as normal as possible.i don't work since my youngest was born so I do and always have done everything with and for them..so basically i want to know that even though I have never and would never stop him from seeing the kids,it's tit for tat with him and because he left and is making alot of money a week he gives me 60€ a week..is there some kind of spousal money I should get??so he is taking me to court in March for access to the children even though I have never stopped it,he said he wants them half the week,is this normal..i have no problem with every 2nd weekend and nights during week…am I being reasonable…sorry about the long post guys


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