Hi, can i get a private post on either page please. Not baby related but want t…

Hi, can i get a private post on either page please.

Not baby related but want to make sure I’m not making a mountain out of a mole hill.
My husband has been acting really strange. The last few weeks he’s been constantly on his phone and acting shifty. I asked if i could borrow it to google some stuff and he said wait a minute ive gotta delete some stuff, and then said dont be going through my messages and stuff… i didn’t. Then the last few weeks when he’s been out to his mates, he’s stopped messaging me between 10-2am. And saying things like his phone died and so on but he’s still been online. But then on Friday when he eventually got home at 1.30am, he must have crept back in the house because i didn’t hear him. I went to go to the toilet, and he was in there washing his beard and hands because apparently he had eaten donuts earlier and the stickiness was doing his head in. Again, he wouldn’t usually do that, and he was absolutely stinking of fresh aftershave. When he got in to bed his phone kept going off and when i said see who it is your phone never goes off this much at 2am, he hid it away while he looked and just said its facebook shit… i dont no if im just going crazy, but this last few weeks just are ringing alarm bells 😢😢


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  1. And all this started happening when he went out for a stag weekend… i saw him 9am Saturday and didnt hear from him until 11.30 sunday, where his phone apparently died but on his phone bill he had been calling and texting people…

  2. Can you also add that even when he was at home last night, i went to bed just before midnight and was still online, and he came up at 1.30 and said he thought i was asleep despite the fact i had been sending him game hints and he had seen them. Hes usually in bed by like 11 but i find it strange how these times keep creeping up. And that on Thursday his mates brother was with them, he was getting married the next day. And my OH couldn’t tell me where he was getting married and what time and stuff like that… i find it hard to believe you can be with someone talking weddings for 6 hours and not know the main details…

  3. You know your gut is telling you something dear. Follow it. It’s all strange and sounds to me like something is up. Stop being neieve and start searching .. you know when something isn’t right. 💗

  4. How about being a bit smart about this. Why don’t you tell him that you have noticed a change in his behaviour and you are worried about him, tell him that most women would jump to the conclusion that he was cheating but you don’t believe that he could do something like that as you know he is a better person that’s that. Say again how worried you are about him and suggest that you spend more time together to see if you can work things out together, because whilst you love him dearly, being out until all times is damaging your relationship. Put the ball back in his court. See what his reaction is. If he is cheating, he will realise he has been rumbled (he might not know that you know) and should change his behaviour if he cares anything for you. If he doesn’t then I’m afraid the decision will fall in your hands about where you go from here. I’m not saying cheating is acceptable in any way but if he is and realises what a fool he has been and tries hard and you want to give him another chance then why not?

  5. You sound in doubt and honestly I couldn’t tell you what to do. I think you know something is going on. He won’t be honest so it’s either leave it alone and live wondering what if or do what ever you can to get your answers x

  6. Always go with ur gut mate coz every time I had a gut feeling with my kids dad I was right having a ex send pics of her suckin dildos and alsorts and chatting next birds while he was sat next to me telling him he loved um hope u get sorted hun

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