Hi can I have a pp please? One very worried first time mummy 26 weeks pregnan…


Hi can I have a pp please?

One very worried first time mummy 😭 26 weeks pregnant 🤰

Just wondering if anyone has been through a similar experience…. so yesterday around 7pm I started having period like cramps, just thought it might be the position I was sat in or something was stretching so got up, moved around a bit and after a five minutes it had gone. Then around 10/15 mins later it started again but was also in my back as well as my front like a band, again just thought not much of it. Anyway got to about 10 and it had been happening quite regularly so rang the hospital and went in for a check. Ended up having a speculum test for pre term labour but that was inconclusive as had some blood on the test from the speculum stretching me (can be normal apparently) so they kept me in over night to monitor me. Saw the consultant this morning and luckily my pains have gone down and just getting some in my back. I’m now back at home just resting in bed but I am so so so worried about going into pre term labour! I’m worried about the test I had done and how no one really knows what’s going on… just looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience? I’m not asking for any medical advice before anyone says about that just want some reassurance this can happen. First pregnancy so no idea lol

Thanks in advance


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