Hi can I have a ppp? Hi ladies.. need some advice & to vent really. I feel lik…

Hi can I have a ppp?

Hi ladies.. need some advice & to vent really. I feel like a failure as a mother.. My 5 year old does not listen (to anyone) & does not have any respect for anyone, he’s constantly getting told off in school because he can’t follow simple instructions and does as he pleases. Lately he’s started to become aggressive in school and at home and he makes a mountain over a molehill and will have a melt down if he can’t get his own way.. his dad and I are at the end of our tethers with him. Yesterday our inlaws were round n as usual he was acting up most of the time fighting for attention when he doesn’t need to fight for it he gets equal attention from us if not more! (we also have an 9 month old) anyway me and my boy were playing and I was tickling him he spat in my face!! I have never been more embarrassed or ashamed to call him my son! I couldn’t believe he did it! His dad lost it and grabbed him & put him upstairs. I wasn’t angry I was so hurt by his actions. We try our hardest with him but he’s never happy, always wants more and just won’t listen!! His teacher even asked me if & can we get his hearing checked!

He’s had his hearing and eyes checked and that’s all clear so he’s just plain ignorant. I just don’t know what to do with him… I reward him with good behaviour, for punishment we take things off him, stands in the corner etc I don’t smack him because I don’t think it works and don’t want him to have memories of us always smacking him like I was as a child.

Sorry for the long post x


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