Hi can i have a ppp I’m looking for some advice, My daughter who’s now 18 months…


Hi can i have a ppp😊
I’m looking for some advice, My daughter who’s now 18 months old was born via emergency c-cection it was quite a messy procedure and I lost 8 pints of blood but when they cut me open they “accidentally” cut open her cheek (she had to wear butterfly stitches till she was a month old!) I was told it shouldn’t leave a scar because of how young she was. Forward to now she’s nearly 2 and she has a clear scar line straight across her cheek and it’s quite big aswell! It saddens me that she may be bullied or picked on for it, Family & Friends keep advising me to take it further but I wouldn’t even know where to start apart from a complaint letter to Crosshouse Hospital. Has anyone been in a similar situation? What Should i do?
Thanks x



  1. Hi it’s a tough one as it sounds like it was an emergency to get her out 🙁 I d rather a scar on one of my babies than losing them as they weren’t fast enough. If you choose to complain/sue it just takes more money and resources from the NHS. However I would feel the same as you and demand they look into what they could do to help with the appearance of her scar xxx

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