Hi can I have a private post please don’t post my name I have been suffering wi…


Hi can I have a private post please don’t post my name
I have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks 2 years now finally went the dr last week she was lovely and very helpful she gave me a proscription for sertraline 50mg once a day only this is after reading stories on the web I’m terrified to take them please any advice
I’m married and have 4 kiddies to look after so really need to get better just need to get the courage to take the tabs 🙈



  1. The funny thing is we get anxiety about anxiety medication. Most meds are good but everyone takes differently to them! I heard real horror stories about mine but actually I was absolutely fine. You need to get better so honestly start the tablets as soon as! You may get a few side effects but if you do then go back to your GP if you can’t handle them x

  2. Im on these and newish to them still they really are helping me i live alone with my 6 yr old and found the smallest of things alot easier. I have just found out today though cant have ibruprofen when on them as causes clotting.(found out through minor injuries as ive done damage to my neck drs didnt tell me this).

  3. I was on them until I fell pregnant honestly worked wonders. I managed to sleep and eat and do more because they lifted my mood well. No it didn’t make everything better and was sicky for first month. But after it was regular routine and it helped me manage so much better.

    (Only off cos it may have caused heart problems for baby)

  4. They are fantastic, been on many antidepressants over the years find these are the most effective and many friends have agreed take the 50 daily for 4 weeks then go back to doc say how your doing xx

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