Hi can i have a private post please, ive never written on one of these i just fe…


Hi can i have a private post please, ive never written on one of these i just feel like i need to vent it is quiet long,

last year i managed to put an end to an 8 year domestic abusive relationship i only managed it with the help of police and family members, he broke his bail conditions by adding me as a friend on facebook then continued to message and call me willowing his way back in, i only accepted him as i thought he wanted to see pictures of are 2 children we have, anyway things got to much and i felt him getting back in my head i just knew i was gonna end up caving in i sat begging my family to help so my dad called the police for me and i gave them access to everything he had contacted me on i just wanted him gone, after this he knew the only way he could get to me was the children but he was never interested in them whilest we were together or until last november when he figured out i had a new partner (unplanned but im really happy and settled) hes pushed everything to court, since january i just cant stay focused, i know hes no good for my girls i was refered to the marac last year after he came back as high risk but its like the courts arent interest my oldest daughter who is 6 is so confused shes suffered night terrors for months i only managed to put her mind at easy just before christmas and now that her dads been brought back up shes back to having them but i just feel like no one is taking me seriously, i feel so helpless and blame myself as i tried for 5 years to break the relationship up but i was petrified of him,


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