Hi can I have a private post please. My ex hasn’t seen our child in a year and …

Hi can I have a private post please.

My ex hasn’t seen our child in a year and is taking me to court. He wants a DNA test done even though I have texts were he’s admitted the child is his and he pays csa and admitted to them the child is his. He wants parental rights as his name isn’t on birth certificate and my child is away to be 5. And he wants a specific issue order. Does anyone know what that is? We live in Scotland. He wasn’t there through pregnancy or birth and has been in and out of my child’s life got over 20 chances until contact got stopped a year ago when he went to solicitors trying to boss me about but it didn’t go as planned for him he only wanted him few hours a fortnight and was told that’s not a dad. He uses the excuse he’s working all the time but so am I and I have to go to all appointments which I want to go too he just uses excuses. His new girlfriend has threatened me and says she will fight for my child. Does anyone think he will have a chance as I don’t want him in my child’s life cause when he was in his life my child started hitting other kids and soiling his pants it all stopped when his dad had no contact. Any advice would be great I just want the best for my child and I gave my ex loads of chances before it went to solicitors and he just messed my child about turning up then not turning up etc. I know sheriffs are wanting dads to see their kids. Any advice would be great thanks xx


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