Hi can I have a provate post please X Anyone any experience with night terrors?…


Hi can I have a provate post please X

Anyone any experience with night terrors? Have a 5yr old waking most nights screaming and crying, sometimes getting aggressive, coughing and making a gagging sound.. can last upto 5mins. Nothing will calm her down she just comes out of it herself, usually in a bad mood! Her eyes are open during the whole thing but she looks through me, shes not awake. Next morning remembers nothing.. Anyone any experience or advice with this?? Thanks!



  1. Yep ive had this with my daughter lasted about a year around the same age maybe a year younger and then happened the odd time after (now nearly 10 and only sleep talks)….apparently it can happen when they get too hot too quick , or are over tired going to bed…we found a 10 min time frame around 7.50pm we send her to bed and she would b fine but literally if she want at even 8.15 she was up about 11/12 screaming , i asked the doctor and he said most of the time its nothing to worry about and they grow out of it and she did but it terrified as like u said eyes wide open and she would scream for one of us but never realised we wher there but in the morn knew nothing of it…..just be with them to try calm them even tho it rarely works but most of all just to make sure they stay safe as our girlie sometimes would fling herself about screaming i always said it was like she was possesed , i was told never to wake her just leave it pass,its scary but hopefully will pass for you also

  2. My niece suffered really bad. My sister in law brought her a dream catcher! She put it next to her bed and Every night she would ask it to take her bad dreams away and it worked! I know every child is different but worth a try xx

  3. This is horrible and both my daughters did this fron about 1yrs-5yrs, like u said they are awake n lookin at me but they dont recognise me or where they are, they kick scream cry ect, a few minutes later they come out of it fine, my youngest once said there were 2 blonde girls with pig tails on her bed talkin 2 her, it scared the shitbout if me x

  4. My toddler has em…usually if she nt had enough sleep…it’s diff to nightmares as it’s actually a form of sleep walking n kids have no recollection of it the next day….we calmly sit by her n repeat that we are there n she safe, if we try n comfort her she gets worse, if u wake em suddenly it can leave them disorientated. …they usually happen an hour after she goes to bed

  5. My little boy and girl have these it’s like a scene out of paranormal activity where they stand and then scream. Your never to wake anyone from a nightmare children or adult just safely walk them back to their bed and sooth them even when my children are relaxed before bed this can still happen x

  6. Don’t wake them. My son has suffered with these since he was 2. He’s now 8 and has actually just had one. I was told by doctor not to wake him or say his name. But to just try and hug him and sing a song. Until he goes back to sleep or wakes himself. X

  7. My little girl has slept walked for a few years. She has done some right strange things lol. I just guide her back into bed but dont wake her up as can send the child into shock. Really scares me some times as i worry what she will do. She has punched me in the face and all sorts lol

  8. Yes. My son had them bad since he was about 2-5 he was staying up so late his eyes were on his cheeks at 1 till he eventually fell asleep which he was terrified of. We used the school play therapist who was amazing and they were gone within 8 weeks of therapy. We also used her again when he seemed very depressed in himself. morbid expressions worrying statments and behaviour. Within 8 weeks i have a happy boy who can express himself. Has stopped the high pitch fraustration screaming. He is just an all around different kid. Highly reccomend asking his teacher if they have someone come in to do such things. Xx

  9. I’ve had this myself it is horrible
    Best thing to do is just try to relax your daughter, cuddle hug her tall to her if she’d don’t remember don’t pester as if it was bad you won’t wanna trigger it again.

  10. My youngest (who is also 5) is like this and usually it turns out she needs the toilet. She hates waking in the night and will just sit on her bed screaming, coughing and gagging. When she starts now I usually take her straight toilet, soon as she’s done put her straight back to bed and she goes straight back to sleep. She never remembers it in the not ing tho x

  11. i had this with my girls. occured for about 3 months but then suddenly stopped. she always slept with her light off and once it started she had to have her light on at all times. However the 3 months now seem.like a distance memory. I dont know how but she just came out of them by herself, hopefully your girl will too x

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