Hi can i have private post please ive had nothing but problems with my downstair…


Hi can i have private post please ive had nothing but problems with my downstairs neighbors keep complaining about my kids coming up and moaning last time he come up and said to my son about chopping his legs off as a joke i didnt find it funny now everytime my she was 2 n a bit anyway hes now made a complaint to council about sound proofing they want to do sound tests on my flat im concerned my two littlens arent quite my youngest is 18 months isnt walking yet health visitor has advised me to kepe trying im to scared to do anything in this flat feel like im on egg shells everytime the door goes im start shaking and trembling it takes me ages to calm down i dont know what else to do i dont want to be in this flat anymore x



  1. I was like this in my last place i was in middle with women on top and womenundun me they always called housing always had police at my door they even called social on me got that bad i wouldnt even go out my house i wasn’t sleeping i wasn’t eating got really depressed i was to scared to do anything my children are 5 ..2 .. just under 1 at the time i put in for move now im on 3rd floor get on with all my neighbours so much happier xx

  2. I’m In the same boat my housing office said they r kids they r gunna have to expect noise. My housing office don’t even even contact me about it anymore cuz they r just being petty. I tryed so hard to keep them but the more u try the more noise they would make. They r kids playing about so just let them get on with it. U can’t get in trouble about it. If ur worry ringing ur housing office and speak to them about it. Xx

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