hi can i please have a post. I really am not meaning to offend anyone by this po…

hi can i please have a post. I really am not meaning to offend anyone by this post and i hope that people can see my point of view. my son was born with a strawberry nevus on his forehead in the shape of a love heart, personally i absolutely adore it and think it adds to his personailty. i got asked if i wanted to get it removed and instantly said no as its not causing no harm so i dont see the point of putting him through the stress of getting it removed but over time ive had a lot of people comment on it. my oldest started nursery and i had all the children pointing and asking (which is understandable) but it just got me thinking, through out his whole school life will he have other children pointing. i really dont want him to get bullied because its im the same place as an indian mark for married ladies so i can see why people would make fun of him but i dont want to get it removed becuase i dont want to teach that to my children, that we have to edit our bodies because of socitey i want to teach them that theyre beautiful, everybody is beautiful. i thought about waiting until he was old enough to decide for himself but then i feel awful for thinking that was, i feel as if im just as bad as anyone who would make fun. could you please attatch the pitcure, tia x

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  1. My baby has one on top of her head!😊 she also has another one on her lower abdomen. I wouldn’t get either removed unless needed to. I wouldn’t worry, it could disappear before you know it and if some child says anything all your kid has to say is that it makes them special and to do oneπŸ˜‚. I think it’s a positive lesson to teach by showing not to give in due to being scared of bullies xxx

  2. I haven’t seen the picture, but my advise would be to leave it for now, but if the time comes that he wants to have it removed, just fully support him. No one wants their child to be bullied, but by leaving it there, you’re giving him that choice. If he ever comes home from school and says ‘mum I want it gone’ you can be that mum who says ‘it’s your body and I want you to do what makes you happy.’ I think the fact you want him to grow up being proud of who he is sets a perfect example to him. Well done Mummy I say xx

  3. I think you should teach him that we are all different and that people can be unkind about things and that if people point or state then he just needs to smile at them and carry on, there is so much I’d change about myself if I could because I was always put down and I’ve grown up with that mindset so I’m trying to teach my children that we are all different to each other

  4. I have a strawberry Nevus on my boobs. And down my belly. As a teenager I HATED it and got a lot of negative comments (especially off other girls) but the fact I had massive boobs also really didn’t help so I think a lot of it was jealousy of that… but now as an adult it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact I quite like it. X

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with you. it’s really a hard one. as we know from experience from our own school like,kids can be cruel. so you do have to see it through your babies eyes too… Personally at the minute I’d leave it and possibly talk to the experts for some answers for you x

  6. My friend’s son had a strawberry mark, a large one on his lower leg. Looks quite worrying initially but it then turned a different colour and has eventually begun to disappear! He’s coming up to 2 now and majority of it has gone! Something this small may disappear fairly quickly x

  7. My little girl has one on her cheek. I was told they would only remove for cosmetic reasons at 7 as it normally fades or disappears! I feel the same I would hate for her to be bullied in school or feel left out. She’s only 2 at the moment and everyone asks so we just try to make it normal for her and when she’s older she will know that she was kissed by the angels and it’s special and nothing to be afraid of. More than welcome to message if you need to xxx

  8. It’s part of him and makes him more beautiful. If people can’t understand or are to far up there asses and have to blatantly point it out then it’s there problem. He’s beautiful and part of him. I understand why your concerned but it might shrink over time. Personally I wouldn’t worry about it and teach your little boy to ignore what people say about him ❀️❀️

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