Hi . Can u do me a private post on private chat please xx Hi ladies just wonde…


Hi 🙂. Can u do me a private post on private chat please xx
Hi ladies just wondering how u get your man to like u again / love you ? Been together 7 years and to be fair he was never really interested in the first place and told me what he thought of me but I tried my best and fought for him cause I was /still am madly in love with him (we were young , he wanted to play about but I was pregnant with his child so he did what he wanted while I stayed at home with my mum and just hoped one day he’d change his mind…any name u can think of he had called me it .. fat ugly disgusting … but obv he we were young and non of this were planned but 7 years later we are still together, have 3 beautiful children currently pregnant with our 4th, but I know he has no feelings /love for me if anything it’s like we are friends , how he looks at me it’s like I’m a nuisance to him .. Iv tried date nights he’s refused , tried to dress up nice and try things in the bed room but he says he can’t be bothered , we don’t have conversations or if I try talking to him about anything such as how my day has been it’s like he can’t wait for me to finish like said he gets bored of hearing me .We don’t get any help from family and always have the kids so I do understand it can be hard and stressful but I’m really trying 😞 Iv tried to talk to him but he just gets fed up n says he does love me n just to stop talking about it .. I’m crazy in love with him but he just has nothing there At all for me … what can I do ? Thank you xx


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