Hi, could I please have a private post I could really do with some advice. Bit o…


Hi, could I please have a private post I could really do with some advice. Bit of a long one bare with!
Basically me and my ex split up up back in November because he was/is an alcoholic and we had constant arguments and it just generally didn’t work. My mum helped me a lot with getting away from him, spent a lot of money helping me get a house for me and our son etc. Well as time went on he kept coming round and we eventually ended up getting back together. He ended up having to give his house up and I let him come and stay with me on the condition he stayed at his dad’s half the time as I need my space. But he’s ended up not staying at his dad’s at all and he can’t for personal reasons. Anyway I’m just at the point now where I’m thinking what the hell am I doing? I’m constantly on edge incase my mum comes round and finds him in the house (she still thinks were split up) and although he’s cut down and gone to counselling for his drinking he’s still drinking, and I just don’t want to be with him. But if I kick him our he will be on the streets and I’m just sick of the drama it will cause. What do I do?



  1. After all your Mum has done, I Certainly wouldn’t have him in my house around my child. Your on edge all the time I’m assuming that’s because you never know what mood he’s going to be In. This isn’t a nice life for you or your son to have. Is your relationship with your Mum worth risking for an Alcoholic boy friend your not wanting to be with??
    I think not!! He’s an adult he’s made his choice which I alcohol get him kicked out & let him stand on his own two feet!!

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