Hi im after some advice? Annymous.post plz , i put a csa claim in against my ch…

Hi im after some advice? Annymous.post plz , i put a csa claim in against my childs dad last year, after the 2nd month of recieving a payment my childs father mum came to my house claiming she split wif her partner and my childs father n gf were arguning over it, he didnt answer any calls from csa or letters so thwy went straight in2 his wages, he pays for 2 kids but only sees 1 obvs his choice , then wen i put my claim in they wanted do a mutual agreement so they sed close my claim which i did,we did a dna and it wasnt enuff cuz it was inconclusive thats all cuz his mum did the dna,they nevet got bk in touch and not had a penny off him since, he put me through domestic abuse as well , i want sort things ,but shud i ring csa or get a solicotr 1st, i had bad depression at the time ov the dna test but felt i was being bullied cuz it was all about him etc, all i will say is,he represents r country and said if i didnt close my claim down he wud leave his job, my child is 100 per cent his, i even offered pay for a dna test to do it mutually, his mum sed if it is his she wants contact and would make sure he pays out for the child, i just think i did csa again it would all kick off and be called selfish again, but my child comes 1st , they have never had contact witb my child (there choice) any advice please, he was sleeping with me behind his gfs bk ( i didnt know he had a gf at the time) hes a mummys boy tho,


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