Hi ladies first time mum here desperately needing some advice on feeding! My bab…


Hi ladies first time mum here desperately needing some advice on feeding! My baby girl is 12 weeks and for the last couple of weeks really struggles to take her bottle. She writhes around, arches her back and pushes it out with her tongue. She takes a full bottle fine when sleeping or if i catch her at the end of a nap so she is all relaxed. I have tried all different teats and milks and gaviscon… Any thoughts??? Its making me dread each feed and not want to be out in public with her as sometimes the only way to get a feed down her is to have the hairdryer or hoover on to calm her down 😭



  1. This is exactly what my little girl has done since 4 weeks old, We thought colic and then got ranitidine after trying gaviscon, it has improved a lot, but we still have bad days and she’s now 5 month. HV and GP think it should improve when she weans! I feel your pain, I’ve learnt to deal with it and ignore people when I’m out, it’s horrifically frustrating and I still end up in tears sometimes, but she will grow out of it. Message me if you like cause this really does sound identical to what my little girl does.

  2. The word colic is used a lot
    Colic is not an actual thing it’s a term
    There are things under the umbrella of colic
    Such as…. bad wind…. reflux…. intolerance so it’s working out which one x

  3. My baby is breastfed but I have to express for when I’m away from home. She started Infacol very young due to colic. I found when I stopped the Infacol she was no longer accepting a bottle and would fight it. Then she was being sick a lot and was diagnosed with reflux. A few weeks later after restarting the Infacol, my mum and partner gave her a bottle no problem. We think the cause must have been reflux that stopped her from drinking from the bottle. I would recommend speaking to a pharmacist 😊😊xx

    She had to take gaviscon when she was sick too to help the reflux 😊

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