Hi may I ask to have a private post? I was diagnosed with bladder cancer few d…


Hi may I ask to have a private post?

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer few days ago and I am 14 weeks pregnant. Apparently the cancer is aggressive and the doctors want to operate and remove it asap. After the operation they want to put a chemotherapy drug called
Mitomycin into my bladder.. I’ve been keep on reading about the drug and it sounds extremely dangerous for the baby. I want to ask if anyone on here have ever experienced similar thing or have any information that might be useful to me in regards of the drug. Thank you for your help X



  1. I’m So very Sorry 🙁 No experience with Cancer treatments during pregnancy.However,I personally know 2 women who had cancers while pregnant and were not treated,Cancer spread to the Baby in utero, and one woman’s child died at 19 months from the Cancer it contracted from Mom 🙁 the other child received cancer treatments and survived.Neither Mother took treatment while pregnant,neither knew about it until after the births ,and they had cervical cancer .You have a enormous decision to make for yourself and your child.Talk to a pediatrician also about any potential effects on Baby?.Prayers for your and your baby’s safety.God Bless You.

  2. No advice, but if it was me…

    I can’t make another baby (hopefully) but I may not even be around to watch. Any grow if I don’t get the op.

    If it’s unsafe for baby, they will recommend a termination.

  3. Yes my mum has bladder cancer and has that chemo it is aggressive and I wouldn’t risk it but I will say bladder cancer is awful and u need to treat it asap or it will spread quickly x

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