Hi Mummies. I need some advice. I split with my husband, now ex about 7 months a…


Hi Mummies. I need some advice. I split with my husband, now ex about 7 months ago and my son has adjusted very well but recently my ex made a comment when we were discussing childcare ” What mother puts their child in nursery for 8 hours a day”. I work full time so I have no choice or I wont afford the rent and bills. I dont get maintenance or anything and he works shifts..possibly changing onto another shift. No week is the same. Is there any other options? He is making me feel rubbish. My son currently does 6hrs a day and he really enjoys it and is soo clever I am really proud of him. Nurseries dont tend to accommodate shift workers so I dont have any other option..Am I really that bad a mum? His comment has really got to me. I am just trying to do my best. Thank you x



  1. Hi I use to work in a nursery and the children love it. Fair enough it’s a long day for some of them but there is so much they do the children love it. Your a good mummy and don’t worry about your ex hun xx

  2. You going out and showing your son how hard you work will be an invaluable lesson to him. We can’t all afford to stay at home and be with them all the time – I think you’re doing brilliantly and he was obviously just trying to make a sly dig to get you down.

  3. Just ignore him.he is just jealous coz your working and looking after your son he proplyz wouldn’t of expected you to manage wiv out him, if he that bothered he change his shifts to look after his son, u carry on doin what ya doin ya doin a great job…… MEN aaarrrrggggg

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