Hi, please could I have a private post…… Basically myself and my partner hav…


Hi, please could I have a private post……
Basically myself and my partner have decided to move in together, which obviously is great and I am really looking forward to it but……. at the moment we work together as well which again is great but after a conversation this morning about problems with the current babysitter I have for my daughter when we are both at work, it’s become clear that he wants me to cut my hours down and stay home more often so we don’t have to worry about a babysitter, he said he wants to keep me he wants to look after me etc which obviously is a nice thing for him to want to do but my issue is I have always worked and always earnt my own money, I don’t like the thought of going to him everytime I need something, also the relationship was so up and down in the beginning because he didn’t know what he wanted, and now I am worried we will live together I will cut my hours right back and then he will walk out and leave me with literally nothing! He says he wouldn’t do that and deep down I guess I don’t really think he will but I am just worried because I have never relied on anyone for anything!
Sorry if I just sound like an ungrateful cow because I am sure many people would love to be able to stay home but I am very independent so just wanted some advice from people that may have been in the same situation… how did it work out etc?! Thanks in advance


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